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Android mobile phone automatically makes it simpler --although certainly not safer -. On the use of price-plotting applications and advertising while generating management. However, there is one little washing in the establishment of the machine in terms of connection. Almost all cars use cable TV to run Android Auto mobile phone, but a company engaged intention to submit the wi-fi as the search engine of this program on your vehicle by simply using a dongle. The dongle called simply "to AAWireless" is really features an ingenious little that connects to vent universal bus of a vehicle series that Auto Android mobile phone already and allows an invisible reference to your mobile phone. How? 'Or' What? Developer Emil Borconi by XDA in the past designed an application called "AAGateway" that can make use of a mobile phone Android 2 mobile phone to a Wi-Fi as Android Auto mobilephone within your vehicle. He was quite a clever concept, but it reduces visibly given need extra mobile phone completely. The use of this type of new gadget, Borconi trying to make this work idea with a second mobile phone, simply a measure of computer hardware that links the vent universal serial bus car . When used, this dongle seems to take about 10 seconds to start behaving 30-40 seconds total to connect your phone and start jogging on the gift of your own car. Operating prototypes already taking place, and the tests continue to take place for cars already, too. We have seen models like this for Apple carplay but Android Auto Wireless nothing for Android mobile phone Auto. A $ 55 plus shipping price, too, it is entirely fair fee too. Naturally, this will not happen without warnings.

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